Second Chance


You are probably one of those forgiving people who like to give other people another chance no matter how much they have wronged you but, hey have you ever thought of giving your love life a second chance after suffering those dreadful moments from your previous relationships?

You have probably tried several times but always end up getting hurt, which has made you vowed to never love again because you now believe you are not lucky with relationships.

Have you ever heard of the ladies popular slogan that, all men are the same?
Do you know that the same slogan rings the same bell to men’s heads that, “all the ladies are the same”

So what do you say to that?

Come on, let’s face it, it’s obvious that your past has destroyed your love life and turned your soul into a lonely sheep wondering in a dry land, wishing drought should have never descended…

When your love life is dead, it is your responsibility to bring it back to life because no one can make decisions about your own life.

Is love designed for the lucky ones only, if so who are those?

My answer to that is NO… Love is a special gift available to everyone, even creatures have the freedom to love, so why are you restricting yourself from something that is so special than anything in the world?
Love is beautiful, but can be very hurtful if things don’t turn the way we expect them to be but that is not supposed to stop you from seeking for that special person you’ve been dreaming to spend the rest of your life with…

My advice to you is forget the past and forgive yourself in order to move on. Let’s begin by identifying your own mistakes from your previous relationships, by doing this, you will be able to give yourself another chance to love again. This cannot happen until you kick the past off your way.

You can start doing this by thinking differently and doing things you have never done before.
Talk to the professional matchmakers who will guide you through and provide you with professional advice and direct you to the right sources for more support, open-up, attend events where you can interact with other singles. Most importantly, remember that it’s very rare for the love of your life to find you in your living room or at your workplace…go out there and seek for the means of bringing your love life back.
Finally beware of the choices you make to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Be vigilant about where you base your search.

Think about what kind of a partner you really want, be very conscious, strive to improve and avoid desperation, be patient and focus on what you really need want.