How we work

To begin your journey towards finding your match, we first ask our new members to fill in the form provided on our website. This will provide us with your personal details, full contact details, and enable us to get in touch with you via phone.

Choosing to fight back against the modern trend of mobile app and internet dating, we are a fully face-to-face dating agency. We believe in doing things the traditional way – with real people making your matches and meeting each client to get to know them personally to enable us to find someone we know is the right match.

Our personal approach to matchmaking also ensures that your profile remains private to the public and is not disclosed anywhere online. The only people who will see your profile are our team and your potential matches.

Busy Soul Matchmaking also offer numerous singles evening events throughout the year to give our clients the opportunity to mingle and meet many potential matches at one time. If you hit it off with someone at an event, then let us know and we will do our best to arrange another introduction for you.

Starting your journey to finding your soulmate is as simple as these five easy steps:

Step 1: Initial Free Consultation

We take the time to meet each of our clients personally when they first sign up with Busy Soul Matchmaking, over tea or coffee in a location of your choice. This is as much an opportunity for you to get to know your matchmaker as it is for us to get to know you.

Your initial consultation will be a friendly and informal chat over a tea or coffee – it’s not an interview, we promise! And it will enable us to understand your interests, personality, lifestyle, and criteria you are looking for in a partner.

From this initial meeting you will be able to decide if Busy Soul Matchmaking is the right fit for you and be able to make an informed decision whether to proceed with your membership.

Step 2: Starting Your Busy Soul Matching Membership

Once you decide to go ahead with your membership, we will require you to fill out our membership forms, which will include all your contact and personal details. These forms are also available from the Membership section of our website. The membership forms will also enable you to describe yourself and what you are looking for – the more honestly you fill these out the better we can find a match that suits you.

We will then work out what membership and payment plan you wish to join.

Step 3: Creating Your Busy Soul Matchmaking Profile

We create a personal profile for each member of our matchmaking agency. Once you approve your profile and are happy to proceed, we will start introducing your profile to members we consider compatible.

Profiles with more photographs are proven to be the most effective, as they help your match to get a stronger idea of you and your interests.

Step 4: Your First Meetings

After our consultation and is completed and your profile created, we can begin introducing you to people we consider a match. If you like the sound of the person we show you, then we can arrange a time and place for you to meet.

We take care of all the arrangements of the date for you, all you must do is show up with an open mind.

Step 5: Continued Feedback

After each date, we will arrange a meeting with you so we can get your feedback on how the date went. This is your chance, to be honest with us and say what you liked or disliked about the match. The more honest you are, the stronger idea we will be able to build of who would suit you better.

Remember that the more dates you have, the more we learn, and each time you are getting closer to finding your perfect match.