Second Chance


You are probably one of those forgiving people who like to give other people another chance no matter how much they have wronged you but, hey have you ever thought of giving your love life a second chance after suffering those dreadful moments from your previous relationships?

You have probably tried several times but always end up getting hurt, which has made you vowed to never love again because you now believe you are not lucky with relationships.

Have you ever heard of the ladies popular slogan that, all men are the same?
Do you know that the same slogan rings the same bell to men’s heads that, “all the ladies are the same”

So what do you say to that?

Come on, let’s face it, it’s obvious that your past has destroyed your love life and turned your soul into a lonely sheep wondering in a dry land, wishing drought should have never descended…

When your love life is dead, it is your responsibility to bring it back to life because no one can make decisions about your own life.

Is love designed for the lucky ones only, if so who are those?

My answer to that is NO… Love is a special gift available to everyone, even creatures have the freedom to love, so why are you restricting yourself from something that is so special than anything in the world?
Love is beautiful, but can be very hurtful if things don’t turn the way we expect them to be but that is not supposed to stop you from seeking for that special person you’ve been dreaming to spend the rest of your life with…

My advice to you is forget the past and forgive yourself in order to move on. Let’s begin by identifying your own mistakes from your previous relationships, by doing this, you will be able to give yourself another chance to love again. This cannot happen until you kick the past off your way.

You can start doing this by thinking differently and doing things you have never done before.
Talk to the professional matchmakers who will guide you through and provide you with professional advice and direct you to the right sources for more support, open-up, attend events where you can interact with other singles. Most importantly, remember that it’s very rare for the love of your life to find you in your living room or at your workplace…go out there and seek for the means of bringing your love life back.
Finally beware of the choices you make to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Be vigilant about where you base your search.

Think about what kind of a partner you really want, be very conscious, strive to improve and avoid desperation, be patient and focus on what you really need want.

Physical appearance


Physical attraction is a vital weapon when searching for the love of your life. You can have anything anyone would die for in this world, but if your physical appearance is poor, it could be very difficult for you to impress the other person on a first date. Although it has been noted that some think people seeking for a serious relationship would usually consider the other person’s character and their personality rather than looks, how much can you learn about the other person’s character on a first date? …please don’t be fooled by this belief, physical appearance plays a big role in this game.
Attraction brings emotions that makes one desire the other person more. Business people, including fashion models, invest a lot in the advertisement because they know the amount of competitors out there. It is important to make yourself stand out, for example, models maintain a healthy diet to invest in their bodies to attract signing agencies and business companies spend thousands in marketing. This shows how much they value their businesses.

How much do you value your love life?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to attract your match, all you need is to put more effort and value what you really want. Trust me this will make you feel good and could even boost your confidence when meeting that special person for the first time.

I know some of you might think she’s going crazy now, believe me, I’m not, this is reality and you should take it very seriously if you really want to find someone special in your life because those forgotten little things matters a lot to other people, and could be the reason you have been single for so long.

I truly understand the pressure and the fear of trying something new, especially within this world of dating.
Please don’t get me wrong, finding the love of your life has nothing to do with beautiful faces. The attraction I’m addressing here is something anyone could achieve if they work hard on it. Take good care of your body and remember that you are going to be sharing that body with someone soon. Think about your dream partner, I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if you went on a date and the other person turns up looking as if they have just finished a long shift from the warehouse, would you?
Let’s face it, this is a massive turn off, it shows that they didn’t value that date or there is something wrong with them, nobody wants to be with someone with something wrong…

How to achieve your desire?

Simple by identifying your desire and working hard on achieving it. You got to be serious in order to achieve what you want. As this is an individual task, no one will examine you, but the results of your love life will reveal those answers to you.

The most important things to consider when going on a first date

Hair and dressing code must be on point, you can argue with me if you like but trust me that’s definitely the first things the other person is going to see in front of them when you meet up and you can’t hide it. Believe me, you’ve got to be attractive in order to shine

Please keep your teeth clean- I know this might sound disturbing to others, but a useful tool to consider, especially to those who are serious about finding their soul mates.
When the other person begins to feel accused by the smell from your mouth, they will never say a word to you, but instead, they would choose to stay away from you and you may never know why they did not ask for a second date again. Please remember this is not your fault because you obviously didn’t know you have such a problem and they never told you anything, but we both know they’re also not wrong because this is a very sensitive issue and not easy to say to the victim, but also nobody needs to go through such discomfort on a date. Believe me or not, if that person felt that way about your mouth when sitting next to you talking, they will never ask you for another date and you will begin to think you have bad luck, but there is no bad luck, you just didn’t prepare yourself enough or you’ve never thought of taking care of such issue before, but worry not as this is the opportunity to for you to practice this and remember to put what you have learned here into action when your first date becomes available.

Please avoid garlic food when going on a date.

Use deodorant – Have you ever felt bad after hugging that special person and got destructed by the unpleasant smell coming from their armpit?
I’m not saying they didn’t care about you but maybe they did not put much effort as you did/or it’s something else?
Some might regard my smelly topic’s as boring, but these are my most favorite topics. I have seen good dates which could have developed into something special fail on the first dates because of these small things I’m addressing here. Most of the people going through this are not aware of the situation. I brought the subject as a reminder to bring hygiene and awareness to the love seekers to ensure that none of my members become victims of such predicaments. So please do not ignore this

How to behave on your first date


When your matchmaker arranges your first date, you honestly have less to worry about rather than preparing yourself for that special moment.

No matter how much experience you may have in love and relationship, it is important to keep in contact with your matchmaker and ask any questions you think may be beneficial to you on your first date because your matchmaker knows you and your match more than you know it…

Meeting someone you hardly know can be daunting, especially if you have never done it before. You don’t need a qualification to learn how to behave on your first date. All you need to do is exercise your confidence and be yourself.
Be welcoming, turn up with a beautiful smile on your face , don’t be boring.
You don’t want to put your date off the hook by greeting them with a serious face as if you have just survived terror attack.

Presentation is important when meeting someone for the first time and could give the other person a positive impression about you.
We all want nice things, so please be thoughtful and show respect to your date by making yourself look decent and attractive. This could draw their emotions and even make them become more interested to see you again.

Questions to ask

You must always remember that you are there to get to know the other person, but not a detective, so please be aware of what you say/or ask, don’t overdo things because that could put the other person off.
Give them the chance to talk, trust me I have seen people who can vent and vent, forgetting that they are not preaching but on a date.
Avoid interacting when the other person is talking, listen to allow them the chance to explore themselves, and then you can respond.
Don’t be judgemental, lay your views nice and clearly without hurting the other person’s feelings, don’t be rude…

Discussing your previous relationship on your date

Avoid talking about your previous relationship on a date. This has been proven to be the most annoying topic to go through when trying to get to know someone. We know you have been hurt before and we sympathize with you, but hey we don’t want to spend our precious time discussing your ex-partner and we are not like them.
If you find yourself struggling to stop talking about your past, then there is a possibility that you are probably not ready to move on.
Please set yourself free from your previous relationship before going on a date. I believe you have seen people who renovate their offices throwing that old furniture away and bringing new furniture in …new beginning comes with a fresh mindset.

Sex on the first date

We all know such incidents have happened on many different occasions, but if you ask me, why rush dropping your knickers for someone you hardly know?
You are most likely heading to another hurtful relationship, which could be worse than your previous ones.
I am not saying no to sex, but jumping in bed with a stranger on your first date is not ideally. I know it’s not easy to get to know someone enough, but my advice is try your level best to at least learn few things about each other before sex, do those little things together, go places, talk about different things, trust me if you know what you are looking for and what you want to learn about that person, you will definitely find some of those answers you looking for and that will give you the opportunity to decide if you could try a relationship with that person or not, be patient…