How to behave on your first date


When your matchmaker arranges your first date, you honestly have less to worry about rather than preparing yourself for that special moment.

No matter how much experience you may have in love and relationship, it is important to keep in contact with your matchmaker and ask any questions you think may be beneficial to you on your first date because your matchmaker knows you and your match more than you know it…

Meeting someone you hardly know can be daunting, especially if you have never done it before. You don’t need a qualification to learn how to behave on your first date. All you need to do is exercise your confidence and be yourself.
Be welcoming, turn up with a beautiful smile on your face , don’t be boring.
You don’t want to put your date off the hook by greeting them with a serious face as if you have just survived terror attack.

Presentation is important when meeting someone for the first time and could give the other person a positive impression about you.
We all want nice things, so please be thoughtful and show respect to your date by making yourself look decent and attractive. This could draw their emotions and even make them become more interested to see you again.

Questions to ask

You must always remember that you are there to get to know the other person, but not a detective, so please be aware of what you say/or ask, don’t overdo things because that could put the other person off.
Give them the chance to talk, trust me I have seen people who can vent and vent, forgetting that they are not preaching but on a date.
Avoid interacting when the other person is talking, listen to allow them the chance to explore themselves, and then you can respond.
Don’t be judgemental, lay your views nice and clearly without hurting the other person’s feelings, don’t be rude…

Discussing your previous relationship on your date

Avoid talking about your previous relationship on a date. This has been proven to be the most annoying topic to go through when trying to get to know someone. We know you have been hurt before and we sympathize with you, but hey we don’t want to spend our precious time discussing your ex-partner and we are not like them.
If you find yourself struggling to stop talking about your past, then there is a possibility that you are probably not ready to move on.
Please set yourself free from your previous relationship before going on a date. I believe you have seen people who renovate their offices throwing that old furniture away and bringing new furniture in …new beginning comes with a fresh mindset.

Sex on the first date

We all know such incidents have happened on many different occasions, but if you ask me, why rush dropping your knickers for someone you hardly know?
You are most likely heading to another hurtful relationship, which could be worse than your previous ones.
I am not saying no to sex, but jumping in bed with a stranger on your first date is not ideally. I know it’s not easy to get to know someone enough, but my advice is try your level best to at least learn few things about each other before sex, do those little things together, go places, talk about different things, trust me if you know what you are looking for and what you want to learn about that person, you will definitely find some of those answers you looking for and that will give you the opportunity to decide if you could try a relationship with that person or not, be patient…